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VW GTE 1.1kWh 48V EV Battery Module - 12S - 25Ah

VW GTE 1.1kWh 48V EV Battery Module - 12S - 25Ah

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VW GTE Battery Module Rated at 1.086kWh

These modules are rated for 1.086kWh, arranged in a 12S format giving a nominal voltage of 44.4 (i.e at 50% charge). Making them suitable for a lot of 48V systems when used in parallel, or applications such as EV conversions when used in series.

These modules have been capacity tested from 4.1 to 2.8V (per cell) giving 22.5 Ah useable. Slightly more capacity can be had if charged to 4.2v (per cell).

They are a nice compact size and yet still deliver high performance discharge current

They include the original BMS Board, which can be used with SIMP BMS or a Teensy 3.2 to monitor and balance the cells in up to 8 modules in series or parallel applications (Video demonstration coming soon)

We will be offering kits with modules and BMS already setup soon. Contact if interested.

Any questions contact

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Nominal Capacity: 1086 Wh / 25Ah

Tested Capacity: 999Wh / 22.5Ah

State of Health: 90%

Nominal Voltage: 44.4v

Max voltage: 50.4v

Min voltage: 36v

Max discharge rate (10 secs): 400a

Max discharge rate (3 secs) 500a

Length: 370mm

Width: 160mm

Height: 110mm

Weight: 8KG

BMS Connector Part No. : TE 1-1670990-1

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